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With the combination of paid advertising, great content, search engine reputation management and SEO, you can boost your traffic, sales, and customers. Whether it's PPC, On page SEO, Technical SEO, Expert copywriting or Off page link building, we have the right package for your specific needs.

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How We Grow Businesses


After receiving your application, we conduct a free consultation to identify the most effective services for your business.


We analyse your site, company, and market in order to identify unique features, determine your target audience and formulate a promotion strategy.


We develop a marketing strategy, draw up technical specifications and prepare all materials for implementation.

Calculation & Cost

Our cost is calculated based on the work completed from the approved marketing strategy.


Sempro carries out all planned work according to your tailored strategy and makes sure that it is always compliant with all necessary requirements.

Support & Optimization

We are constantly analysing the results of our strategy to ensure it’s effective. From our data, we then determine areas of growth and further directions we can proceed in. We rinse and repeat the best.

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Search Engine Marketing
& Optimization

Any online business works much better if the site
is SEO-optimized and meets the requirements of
search engines. Purposeful website promotion in
Google and Bing is necessary if you want to reach
the first positions in the search results for keyword
requests if your target audience is concentrated in
Australia or abroad. We are here to help you achieve
this where ever you and your customers are located at!

Content Writing and

With our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists and copywriters at Sempro, we can turn words into a powerful promotion tool and therefore increase your conversions. Sempro specialists take into consideration various factors and uses a combination of both standard and personalised tools when it comes to developing content for your online store. We take the extra time to completely analyse your website and tailor a content plan.

Search Engine Reputation Management - SERM

Investing in online PR can help you gain a positive reputation, among other benefits, and is something that Sempro can help you with. Sempro’s specialists can help you in various PR avenues including individual press releases or in a larger comprehensive online PR campaign. As information becomes more abundant, it will require more involvement from your company when it comes to marketing and making your company stand above the rest. Online PR increases your website’s popularity and chances of reaching your target audience.

Affordable SEO in Australia

Low cost and cheap SEO packages from $695 per month also means you can spare more of your budget for AdWords and other online marketing paid media services to further increase your business exposure. If you’re looking for the best SEO services in Sydney or if your business is located anywhere in Australia, we can help your small business get the most value for money. Start increasing your sales today.

Local SEO in Australia

Sempro optimises your website for both local search and generic search results to give you better exposure to all avenues of search traffic. Our market leading SEO firm doesn’t just want to be an agency that offers low cost SEO services, but one that offers best value and quality.

Website SEO optimisation is a great marketing tool for your business, having over 50% of Australians shopping online for products and services makes it a worthwhile investment to consider. Depending on your industry, local SEO can work out to be a much cheaper alternative in comparison to other methods of promoting your business. Finding out how to get clients to your website or to increase the base that you already have is an obvious but vital requirement for success and business competence.

About Us

Sempro is an SEO agency comprised of a team of young ambitious professionals. We specialise in integrated SEO-promotion for all types of websites. We work in developing modern online marketing strategies and implementing them for our clients.

Sempro specialises in growing a variety of different types of websites. Some of our most common clients include online stores, shop windows, corporate, affiliate, blog and information-based sites. To take your online business to the next level, integrating SEO into your business plan is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

No two businesses are the same and therefore each website requires a different level of time dedicated and services implemented to get the desired results. Our experienced SEO consultants will analyse your website and business prior to providing you with a quote. That way, we can present an accurate cost of implementing SEO services into your website.

We do have a minimum monthly SEO payment of $695 per month (ex GST). We offer several SEO packages as well as a customized quote if required.

Our team of SEO specialists are able to implement proven strategies and correctly optimise your website to increase your ranking. We have successfully optimised countless websites to be ranked at the top of Google a number of times. However, it is nearly impossible for us or any other company, to guarantee a top spot on search engines like Google. If they do, it’s something you should be very cautious about as they may be using sketchy strategies such as easy to rank keywords that have a low search volume and at the end of the day, don’t have much benefit to you in the long-run.

At Sempro, we don’t think of you just as just a client, but as a business partner. As with all great partnerships, we strive to deliver on our promises and achieve your company’s goals when it comes to SEO marketing.

We want to ensure that you are seeing a good return on your investment and to do this, we run our company by having clear communication with our clients during the whole campaign process. From analysing your data to adjusting different strategies and methods to achieve the best possible results for your company, Sempro is here to work for you and with you, when it comes to SEO marketing.

Implementing SEO into your website is how you can get search engines, such as Google to notice your site. It is perfectly safe to implement SEO into your website if it’s done correctly.
The Google algorithm penalises websites that incorporate bad SEO practices such as bad link building and other faulty practices into their website. Sempro’s team is highly skilled and have years of experience of implementing SEO practices that are not only guaranteed to work but are completely safe as well. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to SEO optimisation and specifically avoiding any practices that would punish your website in any way.

SEO optimisation, even with the most efficient strategy, takes time to see results. That being said, we don’t believe in locking our clients into a yearly contract. Most of our contracts range anywhere from 4 to 6 months and we encourage you to review our performance to ensure that you’re satisfied with our work on a month-to-month basis. We find that in this way, we are able to deliver the results you are expecting in an acceptable, realistic timeline.

Sempro implements SEO services into various different types of websites and companies, Australia-wide. Our search engine campaigns are specifically tailored and designed to deliver a better ranking, more traffic, customers, and sales regardless of your industry or niche. It doesn’t matter if your business is based in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or anywhere in between. We deliver exceptional results for companies, regardless of your location.
Although SEO strategies can be complex, we know it’s important for you to know what’s going on. We provide all our clients with a clear and concise project management plan and detailed reports along the way, so you are always aware of what’s happening. This way, you are always in the loop and can see exactly where your money is being invested in and the progress being made.
One of the amazing aspects of SEO marketing is that once it’s implemented, it will continue to work to improve your traffic and your website’s ranking. That being said, initial progress can take a considerable amount of time and patience is necessary. At Sempro, we generally see rankings starting to improve during the first 1-2 months of implementation and the best-ranking results occurring during the 4-6-month mark. During these months, your organic search will increase for your website’s keywords and search queries. All these steps help result in higher traffic and more conversions.