Google Core Web Vitals

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From June 2021, Google has started a new scoring algorithm with Core Web Vitals at its heart.

Google detailed the various factors that go into deciding a page’s overall experience. These are the following:

Core Web Vitals

A mix of three essential performance indicators that assess the visual loading, interaction, and visual stability of your page as it loads for the user – First Input Delay, Largest Contentful Paint, and Cumulative Layout Shift.


More users are drawn to their phones than other gadgets nowadays. This factor examines how easy it is to use and navigate websites on phones and other mobile devices, including content readability and clickability. It also looks at the accessibility of links and on-page components.

Safe Browsing

Checks for malware, phishing, and compromised content on a website to guarantee that users may browse safely.


Determines whether or not a website’s connection is secure and whether or not the site is served via HTTPS, as recommended.

Non-Intrusive Interstitials

This factor sees to it that visitors’ access to critical on-page material is not hindered while they browse.

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