Promotion of
an Online Store

a Path to Sales Growth and Audience Loyalty

For most business owners, the goal of having a website is to generate sales and not empty traffic. To ensure this is the case, increasing coverage and outperform competitors in important product groups is essential and an effective strategy when it comes to the promotion of an online store. It’s important that when it comes to a website, it needs to be well-liked to both the search engines and human users alike. When you give focus to both these users and not just one or the other, you will then get the results of landing conversions and a steady increase of consistent traffic.

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Website development is just the first step to profit. 

Profit will not come about without proper SEO optimisation, usability, and engaging content of your online store being considered.

  • Successful promotion of online store
  • Analysis of the market, the level of competition and demand for your product
  • Promotion strategy and integrating selected search engines
  • SEO categories and product cards
  • Unique and engaging content
  • Tips for improving usability on your site
  • The growth of positions within essential product groups
  • Full access to analytics and regular reports and updates

How to get the maximum result?

Today, the consumer market is massive, and competition is high. To have a solely unique product online today is next to impossible and with an abundance of competition, creating a website that truly stands out from the rest is imperative. Luckily, with SEO and additional marketing tools, you can confidently increase your chances of getting in contact with your target audience.

What Tasks Does the Website Promotion Solve?

Key positions in the TOP

Getting a position on the first pages of search engines like Google and Bing is extremely significant to the amount of traffic your website will receive. Utilising organic promotion and proper internal optimisation of categories and product cards, aid in guaranteeing you land a preferred position closest to the first page.

Traffic increase

Ensuring that your website is optimised, convenient, and a logical resource, will definitely appeal to the user and therefore continue to grow your traffic. When your visitors have a positive experience, they will not only continue to come back to your site but recommend it their peers as well.


Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s important to be specific and thoughtful with who you’re prioritising when it comes to market coverage. Screening out irrelevant regions and focusing on more promising locations will increase your chances of connecting with the right users and without spending unnecessary money.

Competitors bypass

You can find just about anything online today. With so many well-established brands and companies out there, it may seem nearly impossible to compete. However, utilising tools like search engine promotion in your online store and other additional marketing tools will increasingly help your chances of converting that buyer into your customer.

No sanctions

A lot of companies have made the common mistake of trying to get quick access to the top by purchasing a large amount of link mass from less than trustworthy sites. However, search engines are smarter than you think and can easily distinguish between a sharp increase in traffic and an organic increase. Using this “quick fixes” end up hurting your company and website in the long run with the potential to be banned. A slower progression is always better than trying to fix penalties against your website which tend to end up being very costly.

Brand promotion

A common way that SEO-promotion works for an online store is through branded queries. The more exposure a user has with your company, the more brand awareness they have. This essentially means, the more often the name of your company flashes before the eyes of the user, the better the reputation of your site and the faster it will become popular. When that happens, you will be able to start competing with more powerful, established market players.

Online Store Website Promotion
from $500 /per month

There is no one size fits all when it comes to promoting an online store. Each online store is completely unique and will require different services and strategies implemented depending on the pre-existing state of the online store. Sempro is able to give you a detailed website promotion plan tailored to your company, outlining all costs associated after a detailed audit is conducted.

The Website Audit Takes into Consideration:

  • Competition in the chosen niche
  • The relevance and demand of products
  • Existing site volume (number of products)
  • Current page standing
  • Technical conditions of the website
  • The purpose of the business, its prospects and focus

All of these aspects play an important role when it comes to promoting your website and will be taken into consideration during the audit.

After identifying your company’s goals, auditing the website and analysing the market, we will provide you with a custom SEO Promotion Plan tailored specifically to your company. From there, we will work with you to come up with a strategy that you are satisfied with when it comes to goals, outcomes and budgetary requirements.

Included in the Online Store Promotion Plan

Our online store promotion plan is specifically designed for your company and your goals. Sempro considers a variety of different factors when designing your promotion plan and our experts select the best-proven methods when it comes to promoting your business and truly focusing on pursuing your target audience. Within our promotion plan, we will determine an effective promotion strategy and ensure the growth of key product groups.

Stage One

  • Technical SEO site analysis
  • Audit of your business niche and market competition
  • Usability test conducted on your online store.
  • Analysis of meta tags and pre-existing content
  • Development of a promotion strategy for key product positions
  • Connecting with analytics systems and analysing current indicators by position, traffic volume and sources
  • Discussing findings with the client and preparing technical specifications for implementing programmers and web designers

Stage Two

  • Optimisation of your site including Title, Description, Н1.
  • Content optimisation in categories and product cards (such as unique text, images and videos)
  • Elimination of any duplicate content, 404 pages and setting up necessary redirects
  • Ensuring all pages are linked correctly
  • Analysis of the link profile and donor sites
  • Implementing a strategy to form a natural link profile
  • Continuing analysis of the online store. Analysing the site’s traffic, the promotional plan progress and reporting back to the client and discussing further steps to implement

The benefits of promoting an online store for business

Sales growth

To increase your conversions and achieve a sale, your online store needs to be correctly optimized. Having a relevant semantic core selected, a clear and concise explanation of any potential questions or objections the customer may have, and finally, the ease of a single click of a button to confirm a purchase, are all essential aspects to landing a sale. The more user-friendly your website is for the PS, the more often it will be shown to the audience and therefore increasing your conversions.

Increase target audience

Your target audience is who you should be focusing on when it comes to promoting your website. These are the potential customers that specically come out searching for a particular product and are ready to buy. Giving this audience a little bit more attention will pay o+ big time when it comes to your conversions. Purchases in the online store are made by those who need this product for one reason or another. These are the target users who not only came to see, but are also ready to buy. Emphasis on the right audience when promoting the site will help to get a quick increase in customers.

Trust and audience loyalty

Search engine promotion is a fundamental aspect of your online store and nearly impossible without technical optimization and improved usability. Features such as complex, intricate multi-page resources, and irrelevant content, tends to confuse your visitor and deter them away from purchasing. To establish yourself as a trusted source and have your visitors return, optimizing your site is not only essential for your PS, but also for your customer’s experience as well. Search engine promotion of an online store is almost impossible without technical optimization and improved usability. Complex, intricate multi-page resources confuse the visitor. The lack of relevant content alarms him and leads away from the purchase. Do you want to be trusted and returned more than once? Optimize the resource not only for PS, but also for your customers!

Proper budget allocation

For quick website promotion, contextual advertising, external links, and a target audience are key. In combination with competent SEO optimization, your site will start to grow organically at no additional cost to you. Essentially this means that over time, you can decrease your spending on advertising while still gaining the same amount of profit as before. Contextual advertising, external links, a target in social networks are measures for quick website promotion. With competent SEO-optimization of the resource, the site will grow in search and organically, at no additional cost. Therefore, over time, you can reduce the cost of advertising channels of attraction, but not lose profits.