Turnkey Content Marketing

Getting New Customers to Your Business

There are many aspects to content. Content makes up all the information on your website, is throughout your email newsletters, third-party publications and commercial offers. Content is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to create your desired brand image and establish an effective dialogue with your target audience. The concept of content is vast and diverse.
Content encompasses text, photos, infographics, videos and audio.

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To successfully promote your business:

  • We fully immerse ourselves in your business
  • Develop a strategy based on SEO optimisation
  • Provide regular updates to your content
  • Create new pages
  • Document stable growth in search results
  • Incorporate three stages of editing
    • Writing text
    • Optimising content
    • Formatting pages

How to Get Maximum Results

To get the maximum results when it comes to content marketing, it’s important to take a few things into consideration.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content is one of the most important aspects of content marketing, especially when it comes to business promotion.


It’s important to incorporate SEO in all aspects of your website, especially when it comes to content marketing. Regularly published, optimised, engaging content will increase your position on search engines.


Your content creates an image of your company. When you implement quality, informative content, you will receive a more positive image and therefore strengthen your expertise in your niche. All of these aspects work together to increase your promotion when it comes to ranking higher on search engines.

What Businesses Need Content Marketing

Online Stores

Online stores require an abundance of content on the website. Content in forms of product descriptions, reviews, and blog articles are common types of content that help lead to conversions in online stores.

Service Sites

Having the right content strategy on service-based websites will increase confidence in your company and provide information for the potential customer of why they should hire you and your services.

Corporate Sites

Corporate sites, along with most sites have the goal of presenting their company in a positive way. Content marketing can increase the level of trust in your corporate company and attract more leads.

English Markets

Engaging and promoting your services in foreign markets, although it can be very much worth it, can also be very expensive. Content marketing can help move your company into an English-speaking platform affordably.

Information Sites

When it comes to information sites such as blogs or news sites, having relevant and unique content is essential for landing a loyal following. To stand out from the competition, putting out regular content will ensure your audience views you as a reliable and knowledgeable source.


New websites may have a harder time when it comes to gaining traffic, especially from their target audience. Having high-quality content throughout your site will increase your rank on search engines and allow your target audience to find your website quicker.

The Cost of Content Marketing
from $500 /per month

Content marketing is a more extensive process than creating a standard copy, so the cost is adjusted accordingly. The price when it comes to content marketing takes a variety of factors into consideration including the complexity of the task and the type of content being produced.

The Two Main Areas of Focus

  • Writing content: creating new, unique content for your website
  • Page Layout: the placement of content on your website, structuring, selecting appropriate media files

When calculating the price of content marketing packages, Sempro focuses on the complexity of the topic and the amount of content required. We meet with you, discuss your company’s goals and desired results, and formulate a plan when it comes to your content creation.

To achieve maximum results, Sempro prepares a questionnaire of all clients to fill out. This allows us to generate useful and authentic content and in return drive more traffic to your website and land more conversions.

Included in Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is a universal marketing tool that is suitable for any business. Utilising content marketing on your platform not only attracts but helps retain your target audience. Using high-quality content, can increase brand awareness, strengthen your reputation and increase sales all at the same time.

Content Creation Package Includes:

  • A full audit of content on your website
  • Analysis of existing competitors
  • Defining your target audience
  • Preparing company brief and defining key issues
  • Developing personalised strategy and content plan
  • Creating technical specifications for Sempro copywriters
  • Extensive editing and revising of content

Formatting Layout Consists Of:

  • Proofreading and editing text
  • Content placement on suitable pages
  • Structuring content appropriately
  • Selecting, creating, and editing images and infographics
  • Selecting video materials for website
  • Proofreading content
  • Linking between pages

Benefits of Quality Content Marketing

Website Promotion

When producing high-quality content for your website, you are essentially gaining free promotion as well. High-quality texts with keywords and proper SEO, rank higher in search engines like Google.

Attracting Your Target Audience

Quality content will not only bring new visitors to your website but also keep them there. With an increase in stable traffic, your site will start to organically grow in search engine rankings and start to bring even more visitors to your website.

Cost Reducing

Great, engaging content attracts more of your target audience and allows you to start growing organically without the use of outside advertising sources.

Sales Growth

Incorporating useful content and call to actions throughout your website works as an aid to lead the customers into making a sale.

Loyalty Formation

With quality, regular content, your viewers will continue to come to your website to see what new information you have put out. This will help build relationships with your viewers and build a loyal following.

Brand Reputation

To overtake competitors in your business niche, becoming a recognised expert in your market will increase your company’s recognition and brand awareness. Providing useful content full of information that the viewers are seeking, will help to create a positive opinion of your company.