SEO Analysis of Your Website

The Quick and Efficient Path to the Top

When conducting an SEO audit, Sempro is checking on several different technical and structural parameters based on the requirements of search engines. The purpose of this audit is to determine how much your website already corresponds to the modern issuance algorithms and determine what your chances are of your business getting on the first lines of search engines organically.

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Audit Stages:

Internal Audit
The internal audit of the site is responsible for both the technical and content aspects of the website. During the audit, we can identify all errors that are preventing your website from moving forward.

External Audit
The external audit of the website focuses on evaluating the quality of the existing link mass. With both the internal and the external audits, we can get a clear image of how your website is performing and the proper steps to start moving forward.

Ensuring Maximum Results

When it comes to increasing your traffic, customers, and sales, it’s important that your platform is not only visually attractive to the visitors, but also meets the requirements of search engines.

SEO site analysis will help to identify:

Any problems existing in the CMS system and if it’s suitable for solving the task of your business

Define the correct format for your content on your website such as headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and lists

Ensure that donor sites are correctly selected and conclude whether they help increase traffic or not

The main disadvantages of your current site layout including the menu, categorisation etc.

Determine how the site copes with heavy traffic

Establish if all website pages are indexed correctly by search engine algorithms

What position your website currently occupies in key queries and how to improve your ranking above any competitors

These are just some of the aspects that the SEO site analysis will uncover and touch base on and help you increase your traffic.

What Tasks Does an SEO Audit Solve?

Position Growth

Eliminating any gross errors on your site will automatically raise your website’s position in search engines such as Google. Once the errors are resolved, moving forward, you will only need to ensure you adhere to the recommendations and make only minor changes to safeguard your positive ranking.

Traffic Increase

The better your site is in terms of SEO; the more positive search engines will rank it. With a more positive ranking, the more your website is shown to users and therefore you can expect a constant, continuing growth in traffic.

Conversion Growth

A Sempro SEO audit will help improve your site’s performance and connect you with your target audience. With proper SEO, your traffic will start to steadily increase. More traffic means more visitors and tends to lead to more conversions with the combination of utilising engaging content and call to actions.

Budget Saving

With spending the initial investment in setting up an SEO parameter to your website, you will achieve the constant promotion of your website and without any additional costs. An optimised website will continue to work and grow as time goes on, even with minimal investment.

Blocking Protection

Search engines are known to remove any irrelevant pages from search results and sometimes in extreme cases, remove entire websites by instilling sanctions on them if they don’t meet their requirements. Ensuring that your site has proper SEO parameters in the first place instead of dealing with the aftermath of trying to get rid of sanctions, is a much more cost-effective and quicker approach.

Increase Loyalty

Users simply want to find what they are searching for. A high-quality website that responds positively to the user’s requests is adaptive to all devices such as both desktop and mobile devices, will gain popularity quickly in terms of both the user and search engine.

In-depth SEO Audit + Solutions Cost

When determining the cost of website promotion for a particular company, there are a variety of different factors needing to be considered. We determine the cost based on the needs of the business and main tasks that need to be implemented. We also factor in the scope of your company, such as are you based in one small town or a large international company? Are you looking to attract more leads or maximise sales? All these factors affect the strategy and the cost of promotion on Google.

The price of your website’s SEO audit is based on a variety of different factors and criteria including:

  • Your business’s niche and the level of competition already existing in the market
  • The type of website you have (business card, online store, corporate, etc.)
  • How many pages your website consists of
  • The overall condition of your website and how extensive your audit needs to be
  • Your geolocation (your target audience limited to one city or country verse a large international market)

At Sempro, our team of experts will diagnose your site according to each item on the audit checklist and identify any problems or areas that prevent your business from moving to the top of search engines. As a result, you will receive a detailed report of our findings from the audit and recommendations that should be implemented to improve the performance of your website.

The faster these recommendations are implemented into your website, the sooner you will achieve your desired results of landing on the front page of Google or Bing!

Included in a Sempro SEO-Audit

External Site Audit

When looking at the external aspect of your website, the following will be considered:

  • Analysis of any donor sites and websites that host links to your page
  • Audit of your link mass including the quality of your links and determining how much traffic they bring
  • Studying any traffic growth trends and ensuring that there aren’t sharp increases and reason for suspicion for search engines.

Content Analysis by SEO Parameters

Having great, engaging content is a key aspect to gaining conversions. Having proper SEO for your website will allow your target audience to find your content and lead to a growth in conversions.

Areas of focus include:

  • Checking meta tags (content titles and descriptions)
  • Your content length
  • The structure of the text on your website (the use of tags and the presence of paragraphs)
  • The overall uniqueness of the material
  • The frequency of keywords throughout your content and ensuring they’re used correctly

Technical SEO Audit

Included in your Sempro SEO-audit, we will look at all technical aspects of your website to ensure that your site is technically set up to ensure maximum search potential.

Areas of focus include:

  • Website visibility in search engines
  • Page loading speed
  • Website adaptability
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • 404 pages, duplicates, and redirects
  • Implementing tests to make sure that the website has correct the settings
  • Presence of the website’s sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Checking connection of analytic systems
  • Analysing the overall site structure based on the basic semantic core

The Benefits of Website SEO Analysis

Increases Your Position in Search Engines

Websites that are properly optimised arrive on the first pages of search engines quicker than anyone else. The more your website meets the requirements of search engines, the more likely you will grow organically up the latter.

Helps to Avoid Start-Up Errors

The weight of your website and how long you’ve had your domain registered are key components when it comes to search engine positioning. Search engines tend to favour these older, “adult,” sites over businesses that are just starting out. However, with implementing a SEO audit, Sempro can help ensure that your site, regardless of its stage of life, and set it up correctly and ensure you don’t have any of those common start-up errors.

Assess the Potential of Your Website

To start implementing the proper steps of promoting your website, you as the company, need to decide whether your website is even worth investing in or not. One of the main tasks of the an SEO audit is to find out your websites current search engine ranking, any sanctions that may have been imposed, and the growth potential of your site, giving you a clear picture of your current site’s standing and potential.

Reduce Contextual Advertising Costs

The cost of contextual advertising can add up quickly and is influenced by many factors including the relevance of the ad and the optimisation of the website. With proper SEO, you can save up to 20% when it comes to contextual advertising with spending your marketing budget towards targeting the right people.