SEO Promotion of Your Business

Leading Your Website to the Top of Search Engines

SEO, meaning search engine optimisation, is a set of measures used to promote a website in search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO is a very popular, universal website promotion tool that is essential for any business that would like to grow.

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Stages of SEO:

Internal Optimisation
necessary for search engines to see your website

External Optimisation
aids in the organic growth in landing your spot on the front page

using common practices such as building up a natural link mass to ensure a position on the first pages of search engines.

How to Get the Maximum Results

SEO is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of attention to detail and knowledge about the internal and external aspects of your website. When done correctly, SEO can improve the growth of your website immensely. For high-quality SEO promotion, Sempro specialists are some of the best and focus on the following areas:
  • Determining and monitoring any main competitors in the niche and analyse how they’re moving forward
  • Checking your websites loading speed
  • Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly and adaptable to different devices
  • Identifying any 404 error pages and problems with redirects
  • Testing to make sure the robotos.txt and site maps are functioning as they should be
  • Designing an anchor list
  • Completing an analysis and editing the website’s content including:
    • Proper formatting of headings
    • Creating proper meta and text structures
    • Checking for uniqueness of content and avoiding any plagiarism
    • Removal of any duplicates
    • Ensuring the presence of key queries and optimised media files

Successfully Promoting Your Business
with Sempro

When promoting your business with our SEO agency, you can expect the following being delivered:

A full comprehensive SEO and technical audit

A detailed developmental strategy specifically tailored to your business

A thorough analysis of your business niche and any competitors already occupying the market

A structured semantic core

Promotion plan based on your geo-reference

Complete 24/7 access to your traffic tracking

What Kind of Business Needs SEO Promotion?

Online Stores

With an increase in traffic and user-friendly product pages, you can expect an increase in conversions. Ensuring that your pages are properly sharpened for key queries will guarantee that potential customers will find your site before your competitors.

Service Sites

For service companies specifically, regional promotion makes a drastic difference in your company’s performance. Utilising the collection of geo-requests and a competent distribution throughout your website will help deliver your content to the consumers in your ideal location.

Corporate Sites

Brand awareness is an important aspect of leading to a conversion. Users simply tend to trust companies that they’ve heard of before. For successful promotion of a website, such as a corporate site, the right strategy needs to be implemented focusing on brand awareness. Concentrating on SEO practices that increase company recognition and image, will help corporate companies be remembered and assert a strong position in their desired niche.

Information Sites

Information sites such as news portals, training platforms and personal blogs all need SEO promotion to grow their targeted audience. With the combination of high-quality, engaging content and a proper website structure, these platforms can expect to gain followers quickly.


When you’re starting a new website, it can seem pretty daunting. It’s hard to imagine competing with companies that have been well established for years. However, startups have an advantage when it comes to SEO promotion. Starting SEO promotion from the very beginning and ensure that the internal and external structure of your website is correctly optimised, you can start to see growth a lot sooner than your competitors ever did.

SEO-Site Promotion Cost
from $795 / per month

The cost of your SEO-site promotion plan is dependent on the extent of SEO your site requires.

Important factors considered when determining pricing include:

  • Your website size and the number of pages
  • The type of site your website is (online store, landing page, educational site etc.)
  • The niche that your company occupies in the market
  • The level of competition for that specific niche
  • Geolocation of advancement (APAC, Europe, America etc.)

After conducting a comprehensive audit of your website, competitors, and discussing with you your company’s goals, we will create a SEO promotion plan tailored to your company. We take all aspects into consideration including any budgetary requirements you may have.

Every company has different budgetary needs and we understand that. At Sempro, we are flexible when it comes to pricing and can tailor a plan that will not only deliver the desired results but at a price you’re comfortable with.

Included in SEO Website Promotion

Sempro’s team of experienced specialists will develop and implement the most effective SEO promotion strategy for your specific company.

Although one size doesn’t fit all, key SEO steps that you can expect being implemented in your website include:

Internal Optimisation

  • A comprehensive audit of your website and your niche
  • Collection and clustering of the semantic core of queries
  • Drafting any technical specifications for written content on your website
  • Ensuring that your website is formatted correctly
  • Optimisation of all mega tags, descriptions, titles, and headings
  • Relinking of site pages

External Optimisation

  • Putting your business on the map by registering your website on Google Maps, Map Marker and My Business services
  • Registration in all local directories
  • Work with company’s reviews
  • A full analysis of the current link profile of the website and removing any spam links
  • Ensure the formation of the natural link profile is up to standard with crowd marketing and linking to news and thematic sites

Website Promotion Terms

SEO isn’t a quick fix. It’s a smart investment for your company as once it’s working, it will continue to work and grow your brand as more time goes on. That being said, the first results of SEO promotion are visible around the three-month mark and landing your spot at the top of Google can take anywhere for six months to a year.

Factors that Affect SEO Promotion

Every website is different, and some websites will require different steps to have SEO successfully implemented into their site. Some factors that affect SEO promotion include:

How Ready Your Website Is
Does your website require any optimisation or technical improvements beforehand?

Your Website’s Age
Older websites have a much longer reputation with search engines than newer sites. This means that a newer site will tend to be initially ranked lower by search engines.

It’s important to take into account the amount of competition that’s in your specific niche. A high-frequency request with an abundance of competition is more difficult to advance in and can end up being a lot more expensive.

The more committed you are into investing into SEO promotion, the better your chances are of your website quickly getting to the top of search engines.

The Benefits of SEO

There are endless benefits when it comes to implementing SEO into your website.

Reaching the Top of Search Results

With SEO, your website can start to make its way to the top of popular search engines like Google and Bing. The closer you are to the first page, the better your chances are of reaching your target audience.

Increase in Traffic

With SEO, you will not only receive an increase in traffic but an increase in traffic from your targeted audience. When specifically increasing your targeted traffic the more conversions your company will see.

Increase in Business Confidence

Users trust websites more on the first pages of Google. When your website is ranked higher on search engines, users will instil more trust and confidence in your website.

Economical Savings

When initially investing in SEO, you will continue to receive steady organic growth from search engines. This allows you to reduce the cost of advertising on other channels.


Once your SEO promotional plan is implemented, continue doing as instructed and you will remain at the top of search engines.

Healthy Competition

With competing to the top of search engines, it’s also important to note that to gain a sale after the traffic has arrived, you need to have quality and engaging content, call to actions, and competent management. All these aspects together will successfully lead to the conversion and are things that Sempro can help you with.