The Key to Gaining New Customers

The combination of SEO and copywriting is the pathway to earning customer and search engine loyalty.
Copywriting is the creation of commercial texts, or copy, for online resources such as websites and emails or for printing such as flyers and advertisements. Custom copywriting services provide the opportunity to present your product with engaging, high-quality content and incorporating unique marketing tools at the same time. Professional copywriters understand and have experience with the existing algorithms and know how to maximise your company’s reach protentional through writing.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a specific area of expertise when it comes to copywriting. High-quality SEO copy not only looks very attractive to potential customers with engaging content and clear and concise explanations, but also to search engines as well. SEO copywriting correctly optimises the content on your website in a way that allows search engines to find your content and therefore improve your Google ranking.

Successful Promotion of Your Business:

Sempro’s team of copywriting specialists can successfully promote your company because of our high level of standard when it comes to hiring our copywriters.

  • Sempro’s team consists of experts in the field of internet marketing
  • We quickly assess your situation and provide prompt recommendations
  • All of our copywriters have over five years’ experience copywriting
  • We have experience providing copy at any stage of your website, from the very beginning to editing existing content
  • We offer a flexible pricing structure that benefits both parties
  • We guarantee a quick turnaround and adhering to all deadlines

Successful Promotion of Your Business:

When it comes to creating copy that sells, Sempro factors in a variety of different trends and algorithms.

LSI Copywriting

LSI is a method used for creating commercial copy taking into account the analysis by search engines.

Google’s Algorithms

Parts of Google’s algorithms such as Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird are all in charge of filtering out low-quality, non-unique content. Google’s goal is to find relevant, high-quality content for its users. If Google thinks that your site’s content is below par, your ranking will instantly be lowered.

Interactive Elements

Interactive elements such as feedback forms, questionnaires, banners, and other elements that involve the user in some way, is a great way to engage with your target audience and get them more invested in your company.

What Kind of Business Require Copywriting?

Online Stores

Online shopping is getting more popular every single day. With higher demand, comes an increase in competition as well. Incorporating high-quality product descriptions, reviews and articles on your online store will have you rank higher in search engines and engage with your potential customers at the same time.

Online Corporate Companies

Having presentable, updated content on your company’s website acts as the face of your company and represents it in a positive way. Having a professional website is extremely important when it comes to corporate companies.

Service Sector

Clients form their first opinion of your company according to the appearance and copy on your website. Having a well-written website is essential when it comes to construction, repair and other service-based industries.

Digital Agencies

When it comes to the field of design and the development and promotion of websites, a high level of standard is expected when it comes to the quality of content that is on your website.

Information Portals

On sites such as blogs, online magazines and news websites, constant updates of unique, engaging content is essential and what helps the website gain a loyal following.


When it comes to the consulting, coaching, and financial niches, the consumer is coming to you for your expertise. Having quality, knowledgeable content is what will help you establish yourself as an expert in the industry and help demonstrate your qualifications when it comes to that niche.

from $500 /per month

The cost of copywriting is determined by the following factors:

  • The type of copy written (selling texts, news, blogs, product descriptions, reviews etc)
  • The volume of content needed
  • The turnaround time
  • The business’s niche
  • Copywriting additions such as illustrations or design recommendations

The price of Sempro’s copywriting package overall depends on the direction of the business, the requirements and the overall goal of the company. Certain niches require more expertise when it comes to creating content and we adjust our prices accordingly.

What’s Included in Copywriting Services

Hiring out copywriting can solve a lot of problems for your website and has a lot of marketing benefits. It is truly one of the changes you can make to your site that will have the most impact on your website.

At Sempro, we know the importance and the weight amazing copy can carry. This is why our team of copywriters need to accurately understand the goal of your company, your target audience and analyse how your site operates to be able to create great, authentic content.

After meeting with you and discussing your needs, we start the Preparatory Stage.

In this stage, the following is implemented:

  • Compilation of the semantic core
  • Selection of key phrases
  • Formation of LSI core
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Ensuring copywriters are equated with technical specifications
  • Receiving answers to all clarifying questions
  • Analysing company’s competitors

After the Preparatory Stage, we start to create a high-quality SEO text. This stage includes:

  • The development of USP (unique selling propositions)
  • Preparation and approval of an outline of the content
  • Creation of text with optimal keywords organically placed
  • The inclusion of meta tags such as titles and descriptions
  • Proper formatting of headings and subheadings
  • Checking copy for uniqueness and other SEO-parameters
  • Correction of the copy by our Sempro editors

How Copywriting Improves Your Website

Positive Presentation of Your Product

With so much competition on the market, you have to grab your target audience’s attention quickly. This means having great copy, effective product descriptions, and essential keywords throughout, are necessary steps and all things that can be implemented with hiring a knowledgeable copywriter.

Increases Target Audience

Great content not only keeps your target audience on your site and aids in the conversion process but also helps your position on search engines like Google. Great copy increases the chances of your target audience finding your site and keeping them there longer at the same time.

Improves Site Ranking

Search engines love great copy. With implementing SEO copy into your website, your ranking on search engines, like Google, will rise and therefore lead to more of your target audience finding you.

Creates Continuous Advertising

The great thing about investing in a copywriter is that once the work is done, it keeps working for you and aiding you in constant growth and a strong reputation for your site.

Increases Brand Reputation

Constantly adding new content to your website helps establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It also increases your customer loyalty with your audience constantly wanting to check back in with your website to see what new content you have put out there.

Motivates Actions

Quality content does a lot of things, but one of the more important things it helps with is leading to conversions. With adding appropriately placed call to actions throughout your copy, you can definitely expect an increase in sales.