How We Remove Search Engine Sanctions from Your Website?

Sanctions from search engines can severely harm your website and its ranking. Unknown sanctions imposed on your website are some of the many reasons to why a website isn’t growing as it’s expected to be. You can implement many changes into your site, including SEO, but if you still have active sanctions, you will not receive the intended results you were hoping for.

Search engines actively monitor the quality and relevance of the material in their results. Search engines like Google or Bing, regularly use filters or algorithms to track sites that are the most useful to their users. Their goal is to give their users a positive experience and ensure that they return to their site again. They don’t want to promote websites that are useless to their audience so any website that violates any of their requirements tend to get sanctions imposed on them along with a lower ranking

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Successful Promotion of Your Website

Sempro specialist are able to form a promotion strategy for your website to ensure optimal results. Successful promotion of your website includes:

  • Deep internal resource analytics
  • Analysis of external promotion factors such as link building and donor sites
  • Studying the webmaster’s panel and metrics
  • Establishment of any reasons for being sanctioned and terms that may have been violated
  • Elimination of all controversial issues on your site
  • Written communication with technical support of search engines and the lifting of sanctions
  • Organic traffic growth

How to Get the Maximum Results

Understanding why your website has a sanction can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Our team at Sempro can figure out exactly which search engine algorithm caused the blocking of your website by doing the following:

Accessing the internal admin panel resources

Viewing all data on Google Analytics

Accessing the control panels of Google Search Console

Recent actions you’ve taken to promote your website

Accessing this information will allow our team to get a better understanding of the search engines motives for imposing the sanctions. It’s vital for your website’s growth that you discover and remove any sanctions as soon as possible. Sempro offers a timely, cost-effective strategy when it comes to removing sanctions. With Sempro, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your website isn’t violating any terms and conditions of search engines.

Unfortunately, there are instances where it’s impossible or doesn’t make sense financially to remove sanctions from your website. In this case, we will come up with a tailored solution of how to move forward from there.

Common Reasons Your Site May Have Been Sanctioned

Not Being Mobile Friendly

With the majority of people accessing search engines, like Google, from their smartphones, it’s no secret why Google has given priority to mobile-friendly websites. Many websites are unfortunately not equipped to handle mobile traffic or are not adaptable for viewing on smartphones and tablets and therefore are given a lower ranking. The only exception to this rule is a trusted website with a long history but this is definitely not the case when it comes to newer websites.

Text Spam

Panda is an essential component of Google’s algorithm that is specifically in charge of monitoring the quality of content on websites. Panda uses calculations and formulas to rank content. Using an abundance of SEO keywords doesn’t fool Panda. Content overflowing with keywords tend to rank actually lower in the page results due to being deemed as spammy text.

Not Creating Unique Content

Copying content may help save you time and money when it comes to copywriters, but search engines, along with most people, do not like plagiarism and will count it very heavily against you. Utilising tools like order spelling will help increase your position and is much cheaper than having to remove the website from these filters.

Black Hat SEO

There are short-term solutions in the online world such as doorways, satellite sites, and cloaking that are considered black promotion and are very frowned upon in the search engine algorithms. These black promotions are often re-optimised and do not bring any benefits to the end-user. They also, in general, engage in illegal collection of information for resale. Any sign of Black Hat SEO and your website is going to be blocked without any sign of recovery.

Poor Reference Weight

Buying links on donor sites, known as link building, is a popular practice and proven to increase your site’s traffic. However, not all links are created equally, and links associated with less than trustworthy sites can have a severely negative impact on your website. For link building to be beneficial, the site needs to be reputable and also related to the topic of your website. Otherwise, search engines count the links against you and may end up blocking your site.

Functional Problems

Technical aspects and overall how your site functions can very much affect the way a search engine views your website. Slow loading speed, poor usability, constant failures and 404 pages tell search engines that your website is flawed and it’s not worth their time showing it to their users.

Removal of Search Engine Sanctions
from $795 /per month

Every website is different and will require different amount of time and service. Since some sanctions are more involved than others, it’s impossible to predict the cost just by viewing a website.

Some aspects that are factored into pricing include:

  • The number of search engines that have blocked your website
  • List of all algorithms related to the sanctions imposed on your website
  • Your website’s site volume and number of pages blocked
  • The number of errors needing to be eliminated

After a proper analysis of your website, Sempro can get a better understanding of the sanctions involved and coordinate with you the actions that need to be put in place.

Included in Sanction Removal Services

Included in our sanction removal package, Sempro will compare your metrics at different stages of your site to determine the amount of work and possible algorithms your website has received sanctions from. To understand why the sanctions were put in place, and for applying filters, we focus our work in three main areas.

Content Analysis

With content analysis, Sempro looks into a variety of different areas:

  • Checking the text for uniqueness and avoiding any plagiarism
  • Analysis of website content marked as spam
  • Ensuring that there is the presence of the right meta tags and headers
  • Search for any hidden content
  • General analysis of the structure and relevance of content on the website

Technical Analysis

Technical aspects are key to the performance of your site. Sempro looks into the following:

  • Your websites loading speed
  • How mobile-friendly your website is
  • Any 404 pages, takes and redirects on your website
  • The presence of any malicious files or software

External Factors Analysis

Factors not even on your website but associated with it can have a negative impact on your website. For this reason, Sempro looks at the following:

  • Analysis of your websites anchor list
  • Checking any donor sites for relevance to your site’s content
  • Checking the frequency of purchasing links
  • Removing any poor-quality links

Benefits of Removing Search Engine Sanctions

Stable Conversion Growth

If your site is able to be fully restored and search engines have no complaints, it can continue to develop and grow organically just as if the sanctions never existed. Utilising high-quality SEO promotion will help your site bounce back and in turn, increase sales, orders, subscriptions and lead to conversions.

Fast Position Recovery

Regardless if your site is brand new or several years old, finally correcting all errors and removing sanctions will help reposition your website in the desired location quickly. Once sanctions are removed, the website will continue to grow continuously and target new users.

Return Traffic

When search engines block a site or individual pages on your website, your potential customer is unable to access it and therefore the number of traffic coming to your website will drop enormously. Eliminating sanctions and violations will increase your traffic and bring it back to normal in no time.


Spending the time and money to remove your site from filters is normally a much more cost-effective approach than creating a new website. This is especially true when it comes to huge resources such as online stores, product placement and information portals which tend to have nearly 1000 pages on the platform. Spending the initial investment of removing sanctions will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.