Selling Text and Content

The text, or copy on your website, landing pages and advertising campaigns, are effective tools when it comes to landing sales and increasing brand awareness.

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What is Selling Text?

Marketing content is a specific type of content that’s sole purpose is to get your message across to your target audience. Most of the time, the main message used in marketing content is to push the potential customer to make a purchase.

Marketing content isn’t just simply implementing an abundance of keywords and SEO requirements to ensure that your target audience is bound to see it. This specific content is an art, using quality and engaging content while incorporating the company’s philosophy and trying to land a conversion at the same time.

When content is selling correctly, it appeals to both the viewer and the search engines. Good content is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. Creating copy that is engaging, promotes your brand, answers all the questions the user may have, and overall leaves a lasting impression, will have a big impact on the level of conversions you receive.

The goal when creating content is to create high-quality, easy to read copy that prompts the reader to perform the desired action. Creative and clear content can lead just a viewer, into a customer, really quickly.

Selling content helps promote your company in several ways

Some of the benefits of incorporating selling content into your website include:

  • Distinguishing your business from competitors
  • Emphasising your brand benefits and why they should purchase your product
  • Prompting action through calls for actions and overall aiding in conversions
  • Helping to form a lasting impression of your company
  • Aiding in selling your product or service

The Main Characteristics of Selling Texts

Useful and Informative

Most consumers have a lot of questions or doubts when it comes to making a purchase. Your content should answer all the customer’s potential questions in an easy to read, concise way. Your content should act as an aid when it comes to selling your product and leading the user to make the purchase.

Small Volume

It doesn’t take many words to create effective selling texts. Users don’t want to be bombarded with an endless amount of text when visiting your website. Selling texts should be concise and tend to be no more than 2,000 words. The main points that are included in selling text should be an effective proposal and a clear call to action.

Clear Structure

The structure of your text makes all the difference. The order of where your text, call to actions, and information about the product are placed throughout your copy, can make a huge difference when it comes to leading conversions.


Keywords are what allows your target audience to find you through search engines. That being said, the quality of your content matters and therefore keywords should be presented into the text in an organic or natural way.

What’s Included in Selling Texts from Sempro

There are many stages that come with ordering selling content from Sempro.

  • Meeting with client to discuss goals
  • Filling in a brief for your company
  • Analysing the target audience and existing competitors
  • Developing technical specifications for copywriters
  • Writing and editing all copy
  • Coordinating and communicating with customer throughout

Sempro also has additional services including:

  • Creating unique selling proposition
  • Rewriting existing copy on website
  • Naming
  • Creating texts for media content

Cost of Selling Texts

The cost of purchasing selling texts from Sempro depends on a variety of factors including on the subject, volume of text and complexity of the structure.

Included in the Selling Text Package Price

  • Author’s labour costs
  • Editorial review and revisions
  • Verification from Content Manager prior to publication

When it comes to pricing, Sempro takes into account the goals and objectives that your company wants to achieve, the complexity of the topic written and the availability of necessary background information. We strive to create the best content that is authentic to your company and really compels the desired action. To do this, we have our clients fill out a detailed brief prior to creating any content. This allows us to accurately describe your company and create engaging, high-quality content for your target audience.

Interested in adding selling texts to your website? Contact Sempro and we’ll get back to you with our package pricing.

Why Order Selling Texts from Sempro?

With our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists and copywriters at Sempro, we can turn words into a powerful promotion tool and therefore increase your conversions.

Sempro has been writing effective sales
text for over eight years

We have a turnaround time of 10 days

A team of three or more specialists
work on each individual project

Sempro Content will:

  • Attract your target audience
  • Optimise your website for search engines
  • Be clear and easy to read
  • Not be spammy with excessive use of keywords
  • Be authentic and reflect the views of the company
  • Be carefully edited and revised

Sempro strives to create excellent and compelling content for all of our clients. We work with you throughout the whole process to ensure you’re receiving the desired results.

How We Do It:

  • We work with you to complete a brief and draw up the terms of reference, company goals, and desired outcomes
  • We implement keywords and proper SEO optimisation
  • We work with our team of experienced specialists of copywriters, editors, content managers, and marketing coordinators
  • We analyse the market, your target audience, and competitors
  • We create multimedia material for the text
  • We typeset content for your website

Why Choose Sempro

Extensive Work Experience

Sempro is comprised of a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists in copywriting, editing, and marketing. We know how to create great, engaging content for a wide range of different clients and have the track record to prove it.


We not only guarantee that we provide high-quality content for your website, but that it will deliver the desired results as well.


Sempro is proud to have the solid reputation we have. We strive to create amazing content and keeping you updated every step of the way.


Everyone in our team of experienced specialists work closely together. Sempro hires knowledgeable professionals from a variety of different industries to achieve the best results possible.

Custom Solutions

Our texts are never the same and are always unique and original to your company. We take a personal approach when it comes to writing content.

Deeply Involved

We know how important it is to be authentic to your company when writing content. This is why our team will devote specific time to thoroughly study the ins and outs of your company, your goals, target audience and existing competitors. When we get a clear picture of your company, we can then start creating amazing, compelling content and deliver the desired results.