Online store content

Creating Content for an Effective Sales Platform

The main type of information that occupies an online store are product cards. Product cards contain an abundance of key information all about the product including product name, article, description, product image and the price of the product.
There are many different techniques when it comes to creating a product description on your website. Often, more times than not, it’s advised to use popular selling texts and specifically processed images.

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Successful Tool for Your Business:

When it comes to growing online stores, Sempro has a list of tools that are guaranteed to help you increase your targeted traffic and your customer base:

  • Creating an engaging and user-friendly online storefront
  • Ensuring increased customer satisfaction by obtaining data
  • Imputing motivating accents, call to actions and overall increasing sales
  • Increasing search ranking position above competitors
  • Establishing a good reputation with your target audience

How to Get the Maximum Results

Sempro specialist take in consideration various factors and uses a combination of both standard and personalised tools when it comes to developing content for your online store. We take the extra time to completely analyse your website and tailor a content plan that matches your goals and your specific market niche.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are used in various types of content to attract attention from potential customers, strengthen interest in your product, and stimulate action on your site in the form of making a sale.

Sales Descriptions

Sale descriptions are a lot of times what really drives a sale. Engaging product descriptions speak to the user and essentially tells them why they need the product, what it can do for them, and the benefits of acquiring this product.


Parsing is the action of collecting products from donor sites, such as suppliers and transferring them to your website.

Posting reviews

Feedback is not only extremely beneficial to you and your company, but it’s also a huge aid in landing a sale. Importing comments on behalf of your past customers is a great way to increase sales.

Who Should Use This Service?

Virtual supermarkets

Virtual supermarkets are getting increasingly popular and having a proper online storefront is crucial to achieve a successful website. With the abundance of different categories that supermarkets tend to have, it’s important to adhere to a single style when it comes to delivering your content and set up selling accents.

Specialized Point of Sale

Motivation for the customer to make a purchase can be influenced by many aspects on your website including advanced features, expert reviews, customer reviews and comments.

Wholesale and retail stores

It can be a timely process constantly updating catalogues for retail stores, but it’s an essential step to gaining your customer base and have a loyal following. At Sempro, we can not only help with updating your catalogues, keeping your product information and descriptions up to date but also replace any obsolete texts as well. Learn more about the importance of copywriting here.

Shops for the B2B sector

Establishing your position as an expert in your niche is necessary for the success of your business and is one of the main motives when it comes to a customer making a purchase. Expertise is also especially important when it comes to establishing partnerships in the business to business sphere.

Brand Online Boutiques

Paying extra attention to the preparation of images, colourful presentations, customer reviews, and creating engaging blog content on current fashion trends, is vital when it comes to growing your online boutique.

Offline and Online Shops

Online shopping, for many, is the preferred method when it comes to making a purchase. The convenience of online shopping is a huge pro to consumers. However, some potential customers like do a combination of online and in-person shopping before buying a product. Regardless if the customer makes a purchase online or not, having a user-friendly and visually appealing online storefront will lead to more offline, in-store traffic as well.

The cost of filling an online store from
from $500 /per page

In all circumstances, the services of Sempro professionals provide guaranteed quality at a reasonable price and strict adherence to deadlines. The budget is formed in communication with the customer, taking into account his requirements and vision.

The cost associated with content filling of your online store factors in the following conditions:

  • Your existing administration system
  • The number of fields required in the CMS system that needs to be filled
  • Any photo requirements your website has

Included in the Service

Sempro specialists have extensive knowledge and experience working with online stores on various CMS systems such as OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Shopify. At Sempro, you have the option of receiving ready-made customer material in xls, csv, and ods formats or online store filling in the form of parsing when ordering our filling package.

Online Store Filling for Beginners

If your online store requires a more involved filling process, we have specific packages for websites that are essentially starting from scratch. This package includes:

  • Developing a template and filling out product cards
  • Data transfer including product name, price, description etc
  • Creating unique product descriptions
  • Preparation of metadata
  • Ensuring all your images are up to a certain standard with compression and optimisation
  • Creating content for the site
  • Adding customer reviews, news, and blog articles

Content Optimisation

When optimising your online store content, the following is implemented:

  • Optimising text in descriptions
  • Copywriting and creating unique copy for your website
  • Adding and replacing images with correct formatting and optimisation
  • Placement of additional goods
  • Adjust metadata for correct formatting
  • Formatting text descriptions, adding selling accents, and keys
  • Updating product category descriptions and website blog articles

Expected Results


Optimising your website brings traffic in, high-quality engaging content is what keeps your potential customer on your website and leads to sales.

Lead Management

With proper registration of contacts, you can expand your loyal customer base.


Search engines, just like people, love great, high-quality content. With optimised copy on your online store, your ranking on popular search engines, like Google, will increase.


Having visually appealing content and a user-friendly website will help you stand out above the rest of your competitors and lead to a more loyal customer base.


With proper optimisation of your content, you should expect a steady increase in sales on your website.


With taking the time to invest in your content optimisation, you can expect to see a constant increase in customers without the need for additional promotional advertising.