What is Link Building?

One of the most popular goals of an online business is to attract as many customers as possible. At Sempro, we work with you to bring your website to the top of popular search engines like Google and help you develop an effective SEO optimisation strategy. One of the key aspects of successfully promoting on Google includes the use of link building.
Link building is the process of getting backlinks and is aimed at attracting referral traffic and website promotion.

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Who is Link Building Suitable For?

Backlinks are one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to ranking in search engines like Google. Increasing the number of high-quality backlinks from thematic resources, significantly increase the chances of your website getting to the top of search results.

Link Building is Especially Great for:

  • Companies who are just starting out and have a set a goal to increase brand awareness and make their products as recognisable as possible
  • Large companies that operate in a highly competitive environment and are interested in increasing their traffic
  • Brand owners who are seeking to increase their visibility

More often than not, link building puts you in contact with other blogs and sites that are related to your specific topic. This can be in the form of infographics or even the promotion of your own content. The main purpose of this kind of coverage is to get this link between the sites. A long-term relationship between the right kind of websites using a link will subsequently increase the credibility of your domain.

A very common example of this kind of link building is in the form of guest blogging. Bloggers have a personal connection with their audience and a lot of times are deemed more trustworthy than large companies. Guest blogging is a popular solution when it comes to link building because frequent visitors to the blog would rather follow the advice and click on a link that the blogger promotes than a link that other sites such as CNN would promote. Regardless of the fact that websites like CNN on average have a lot more viewers, you will see a higher click-through rate on your link when working with the right blogger.

At the end of the day, a high-quality link from a leading website leads to an increase in traffic and is a smart investment to make. The more of the right kind of traffic on your website, the more sales. In the case of guest blogging, the link building is not only essential in the point of SEO, but also in the system of attracting new customers to your website.

Success when it comes to link building allows your company to increase credibility in any direction and therefore have led to many techniques being invented. A popular technique includes the use of utilising the material of your target audience. With this technique, there is an opportunity to show the competence of your organisation and allows you to gain popularity in a specific direction of your business.

What Does Link Building Involve?

Link building is a strategy for obtaining backlinks to your website and are selected exclusively from high-quality resources. Link building is an effective strategy when it comes to attracting traffic and is almost impossible to duplicate by competitors.

It should be noted that link building is one of the many key aspects of increasing your position on Google. Integrating link building along with proper site selection, creative content, and effective optimisation methods, only then will your site see an increase in your ranking on search engine platforms.

Donor Site Analysis Criteria

Website promotion by using link building is a very time-consuming process and needs excessive knowledge and attention to detail. At Sempro, we analyse donor sites that may be interested in selling links for a variety of different parameters including them being on the white list.

Traffic and Audience

If a resource, such as a blog, has existed for a long time and is frequented by a lot of readers, it’s indicated as relevant on Google. Advertising on high-traffic websites such as these will be deemed very effective for your website.


Spamming your audience with pop-ups and banners are annoying and tend to scare more visitors away than do any good. Ensuring that your audience has a positive online experience on your website and staying away from tedious pop-ups is key to ensuring that they stay on your website long enough to make a sale.


Buying links to a site that directly relates to your company is a profitable investment. Search engines like Google, are more supportive of backlinks to resources of the same orientation or topic and perceive them as trusted links.


The greatest outcome comes from donor sites that cover the location of which your customer is interested in. This criterion is deemed essential for companies providing local services such as repair shops, medical services and beauty salons as well.

Reputation and Trust

The greater the reputation or the authority of the source with your backlink, the more the search engine and the readers will support and therefore lead to a higher demand when it comes to link building.

Audience Activity

Platforms that encourage audience activity such as reviews, reposts, discussions and “Like” buttons, indicate that the resource is knowledgeable and a link there may be useful.

Strategies for the Link Building Process


Outreach requires cooperation with the owner of the other websites, media representatives and trustworthy bloggers. Reaching out to these platforms is important when discussing the future of where a link to your company’s website can be posted.

Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is one of the key branches when it comes to link building and works specifically with the hidden advertising of a resource or ensuring a specific catalogue position. Crowd marketing has many forms including reviews, social media posts, comments on blogs and other forums.


Submitting is a type of promotion that focuses on publishing information about your company on external resources such as portals with reviews and recommendations, online catalogues, and marking the location of the organisation on maps. The submitting resume should contain a direct link to the site and is ideal for local enterprises such as clinics, beauty salons, narrow-profile shops, bars and restaurants.

Analyse the Mass

To analyse the reference mass, Sempro uses specialised services like Majestic, Check Trust and Ahrefs. We carry out analyses constantly to ensure that both temporary and external links are successfully used to promote your site.

Link Building Service Cost:

The cost of link building is determined by a variety of factors including:

  • The number of links posted
  • The cost of placement on donor sites
  • The region of promotion of your website
  • The types of link posted
  • The cost of the content

Sempro can work with you to determine what is best for your company and website. Contact us and we will come up with a tailored strategy when it comes to your link building and all costs associated with it.

Included in the Service

The individuality that is required when it comes to a link building strategy is essential and depends largely on the stage of development of your website already. Sempro specialists have extensive knowledge when it comes to working with both new and more established websites and successfully adjusting their link profile.

The Following Is Included in Most Link Building Packages

  • Analysis, collection, and structuring of your link profile data. This is based on your individual analysis and ensuring that we avoid any potentially harmful and ineffective links
  • Comparative analysis of the competitors’ link profile and highlighting the main advantages they may have
  • Creation of an anchor list based on your site’s keywords along with analysis of the link profile and competitor sites
  • Determine a selection of relevant donor resources
  • Outreach and negotiate with third-party resources regarding the link placement price
  • Providing useful and informative content for publications
  • Linking for website promotion
  • Management and control of published materials on donor sites
  • Analysis of the linking results
  • Compilation of reports
  • Highlighting further steps to implement

Benefits of Link Building at Sempro

Link Building is a time-consuming strategy and requires extensive knowledge to be completed properly.
Sempro has a team of highly skilled specialists that can deliver the results desired.


Build an optimal, personalised strategy with which you can achieve results and growth for your company.


Publishing engaging and high-quality content.


Receiving returns in the forms of growth from both referral and organic traffic.


Provide transparent working conditions and strategy.


A high level of standard and quality when it comes to the work being completed.