Website Promotion on Google

Promoting Your Business on the Most Popular Search Engine

It’s common knowledge in the tech-world that an online business, regardless of the industry, works much better if the site is SEO-optimised and meets the requirements of search engines. Implementing purposeful website promotion in Google is necessary if you want to reach the first page and increase your chances of reaching your targeted audience in Australia or anywhere in the world. After all, Google is the most popular search engine all over the world!

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Successful promotion of your business:

It’s important to remember that search engines such as Google, have extensive algorithms and over 200 ranking factors. If your website does not meet Google’s requirements and goes against any rules or violations, you can expect your website to be lower in the SERP, some sanctions being imposed and sometimes even full bans on your website.

When it comes to promoting your business successfully only Google, Sempro will conduct the following:

  • Technical and content SEO audit of your website in regard to complying with Google’s algorithms.
  • Identifying areas for developers to address such as important shortcomings.
  • Development of a promotion strategy based on personal business objectives.
  • Analysis of the main competitors in the market and extensively researching the company’s business niche.
  • Selection of the relevant semantic core.
  • Fine-tune Google Analytics and ensure key features are set up and working properly
  • Analysing results of position growth expected after 3 months.

How to get the maximum result?

If you strive to get your site at one of the top positions in Google, you have work with all the services of the search engine.

Sempro Offers a Variety of Other Services Including:

Mark the offline office on Google maps

Establish a geolocation, especially if your business targets one specific area

Transfer your domain from HTTP to HTTPS

Optimise website for mobile devices and tablets

SEO-optimise your website site in Google

To make your way to the top of Google, there are many steps you need to implement in your marketing plan, many of which are mentioned above. Further areas of interest include YouTube video hosting. With YouTube being a Google-owned company, having your own channel with useful content can also act as a significant boost when it comes to promoting your business and has been getting increasingly popular in the last few years.

Important Algorithm Updates that Affect Site Promotion on Google


The quality of content is essential for not only gaining customers but also in terms of Google’s algorithm. The Panda specifically searches for if there’s copied or non-unique articles places on your site, an excessive number of keywords being used, the same text repeated on different pages and if there’s an advertisement with useful information. If you’re looking to increase your status with Google, it’s definitely more important to pay more attention to the quality of your content, rather than the quantity.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are one of the most common ways users operate search engines like Google. There’s no question that Google would promote sites that are more mobile-friendly versus ones that aren’t. This ensures that their users are having a good online experience and will come back to the platform again. If your website is adaptive and loads quickly, particularly on smartphones, it will be ranked higher in Google’s mobile search. If your site is slow and isn’t mobile-friendly, Google has been known to lower those sites in the search results.


The RankBrain part of the Google algorithm analyses how relevant the content on your website is to the user’s request. This means it looks at if the user finding what they were looking for on your website when using Google’s platform. If your site publishes useful content and has low page failure rates, it will have a much better chance of being on the first page of Google.


Penguin is something that you need to be extremely careful with. This aspect of the algorithm looks at the amount of mass on your website. The Penguin may impose sanctions on your website if it notices links from suspicious resources, an increase in the anchor list, or irrelevant information in the subject and content link donors. It’s extremely important to be mindful of Penguin and not link to any questionable websites.


The Hummingbird doesn’t look at direct keys when searching but instead focuses on search hints and near-topic phrases. As you’ve probably seen when searching on Google previously, the algorithm tries to predict what the user is searching for even before they’re done typing. Behind the scenes, the algorithm is analysing the content on your site and searches for synonyms for queries and determines if your website is relevant and meets the user’s expectations.


Fred was launched in 2017 and is noted as one of the most mysterious parts of the algorithms. All of the requirements for websites when it comes to Fred is unknown, but presumably, the algorithm lowers pages re-optimised by key requests and is home to an abundance of advertising, pop-up blocks, and links to external resources. Overall, Fred is against any violations of recommendations for webmasters.


The anti-piracy aspect of the algorithm is essentially fighting the rights of original authors. Pirate searches for torrent trackers, link aggregator sites, and resources on which you can download audio, video, books, and other copyrighted material for free and ensures that it is not being provided by outside sources.


The Opossum aspect of the algorithm is specifically in charge of reducing the monopoly of large companies and promoting local businesses instead. When searching for something in a specific location, you’ll notice that a local café or hotel will show higher in the search results when their site is optimised correctly. If your company is a small enterprise operating in a specific area, Opossum is definitely worth paying a little bit extra attention to and ensure your status on Google’s first page.


Just like Opossum, Dove also takes into account your company’s geolocation. Dove calculates the location in which the user is searching from, analyses the companies in that particular region and gives results that are closest on the map. For Dove, registering your enterprise on Google My Business will ensure you have a mark on Google Maps and will better your chances of being found by your target demographic.

The cost of website promotion on Google
from $500 /per month

When determining the cost of website promotion for a particular company, there are a variety of different factors needing to be considered. We determine the cost based on the needs of the business and main tasks that need to be implemented. We also factor in the scope of your company, such as are you based in one small town or a large international company? Are you looking to attract more leads or maximise sales? All these factors affect the strategy and the cost of promotion on Google.

Main Areas of Focus:

  • The type of business and the niche that it occupies in the market (startups, operating business, etc.)
  • The level of competition
  • Number of pages on your website and the overall website size
  • Website type (landing page, online store, marketplace, corporate site, portal etc)
  • The geolocation of advancement (country or several countries, regions, cities etc)

Only you, the owner of your website, is able to clearly define the position of the business and the tasks that it should solve. We will work with you to create an optimal strategy on how to successfully promote your site and increase your ranking on Google all while taking into account the goals your company has in mind.

The Stages of Website Promotion on Google

Our SEO-specialists work with a variety of different types of business all over Australia and the world. When determining the promotion strategy for your particular company, we will take into account the needs of your target audience, the current situation of the market, the characteristics of your business and your allocated budget.

In general, website promotion on Google includes the following:

Internal optimization

  • General market analysis and your business share in it.
  • Analysis of the main competitors in the niche.
  • Full audit of your resource by SEO parameters.
  • Selection of relevant key queries and compilation of a clustered semantic core.
  • Development of a promotion strategy based on the information collected.
  • Optimization of site pages and URLs for Google, development of formulas for the automatic generation of the correct title, description, H1.

External optimization

  • Register a resource on Google services (Google Map, Google My Business, Google+).
  • Adding a site to thematic or local directories.
  • Search and study of business reviews.
  • Analysis of external reference environment.
  • Cleaning the anchor list from spam links.
  • Compile a list of relevant reputable donor sites.
  • Analysis of competitors by factors of external promotion and the development of their own strategies.
  • Work on the formation of a natural link profile (Crowd Marketing, links from news and thematic sites).

The Benefits of Google Business

Access to the TOP global search engine

With Google being the most popular search engine in the world, it gives businesses access to seemly unlimited opportunities for growth and development. On the other hand, with the popularity of Google, everyone is trying to be top-ranked and needless to say, competition is very high. To ensure your spot at the top, you need to make your website as appropriate as possible and implement search engine optimisation (SEO), for Google specifically.

Increase in coverage

Millions of people use Google every day to find products, services, and companies that they’re searching for. You want to ensure that your target audience is able to find you and the best way to do that is to increase your coverage on Google. Making sure your website is useful, convenient, and attractive to Google’s algorithm will allow you to see a steady growth of traffic from your target

Brand Growth

Brand awareness and brand popularity is one of the final deciding factors for many consumers. Especially when competition is high in a particular niche, studies show that people are more likely to buy products from companies that they’re heard about before, regardless of the unfamiliar brand having cheaper pricing. The best way to grow your brand is on the most popular search engine, Google.

Increase loyalty

Trust isn’t a given and it needs to be earned. If a customer has used your products or services before, they are more likely to purchase from you again. However, if they’ve never used your products before, they tend to trust the top-ranking websites on Google instead. This, along with the many other aspects, is why ranking at the top of Google is essential for your business.