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Sempro Content Package

For Cheese Digest, Sempro created a custom package to aid in the official launch of the website. Sempro has led the entire process from meeting with our client to discuss objectives and goals, designing the WordPress website, creating content, and optimising the website for search engines.

FAQ | Recipes | Home Page
Created engaging, information-based copy that was designed to dramatically improve the website’s ranking on search engines and establish Cheese Digest as an expert in the niche.

Product Linking
Implemented internal and external linking throughout the website to appropriate products and to increase sales and conversions.

Our team of experienced copywriters created engaging content that not only appealing to the audience but also improves Cheese Digest’s ranking on popular search engines like Google with the use of keywords.

When Cheese Digest is ready to launch it will be on the right track to achieve a spot on the first page of Google.

Location: USA
Sempro services clients all around the world. Our team of copywriters have experience writing for a variety of different countries and therefore we can ensure that our client’s voice is being presented accurately. For this website, the content is targeting the U.S. so appropriate terms and spelling were implemented in the content.

Sempro objectives

Create optimised content for the Cheese Digest website

Target audience

Increase conversions

Optimise internal linking and linking to product pages

Secure Cheese Digest as expert in the desired niche