Essay Writing Service SEO Ranking

Organic Traffic From 3rd Month and Sales Generation From 4th Month

Increase in organic traffic by 10K

In 6th month we ranked 65% high competition keywords in 1st page of google


An Essay writing company approached Sempro to help increase their ranking posting on search engines like Google, specifically in the UK. With writing services being a very competitive market in terms of search engine rankings, Sempro’s keyword strategy was more extensive in this case than with other industries.
Sempro completed an initial site analysis to see where the website’s current ranking was and realised that the website was actually not ranking for a single keyword and that the only major drive for traffic was from various campaigns they were funding.

After analysing the website further, Sempro designed a custom plan with a turnaround time of 6-8 months minimum with results starting to emerge in the 4-month mark.

Sempro Implemented the Following:

• Keyword Research for Attracting New Traffic
• Creating New Content to Lead Sales
• Implementing Keywords into New Blog Section
• Submitting Website to Different Search Engine Directories
• Creating Brand Social Profiles
• Implementing Powerful Backlinks
• Focused on Uk Local Directory Listing
• Influencer and Blogger Marketing


Sempro’s team was able to successfully implement long-tail keywords to increase the website’s search engine ranking. With the steps implemented, the website was able to achieve 1st-page rankings on 65% of highly competitive keywords on Google in just as little as 6 months. Along with the website increasing traffic to over 20K viewers per month, it also dramatically increased the number of conversions following the 4th month and continues to grow.

“We sincerely appreciate Sempro’s effort in bringing our company to the top of Google in the UK. Although it’s a long process, it was well worth the wait. Our sales started dramatically increasing after 4 months and keep continuously growing. We know that SEO is an ongoing process, so we look forward to continuing to work with Sempro and growing our company.”