Amazon associate website

Days in developing
Top ranking keywords for 1 day
Days until first sale


Smith P originally approached the Sempro team to aid in the creation of his new Amazon affiliate website that he wanted to launch. After meeting with the client, Sempro came up with a detailed analysis with the required steps to get Smith P’s website ready to go. Amazon affiliate websites have been getting more popular every day and because of that, the Sempro team has had extensive experience with working with websites of that nature.

We know that the particular niche Smith P is diving into is a very competitive one. After meeting with Smith P, the Sempro SEO team designed a personalised detailed strategy for the launch of his website. There are many aspects of the analysis that is tailored to our specific client. However, most website setup packages include aspects such as keyword implementation, creating high-quality content, and designing an engaging and professional looking WordPress website.

Our goal for this project was to create a professional-looking website that is properly optimised with SEO and keywords that target Smith P’s desired audience. All these aspects are designed to increase traffic, assert authority in the desired niche, and overall increase conversions.
After our team finished developing the WordPress website, implementing SEO, we published one main post and 20 supporting posts on the website. By incorporating internal and external linking, the website was ready to launch with the best foot forward.


Smith P’s project is a perfect example of the hard work and dedication the Sempro team delivers to our clients. With this project, Sempro had a turnaround time of getting the website up in 20 days. Within the first 24-hours of launching, the main keyword was in the Top 100 ranking and almost 150 other keywords were in the top rankings of all major search engines like Google.

These kinds of results wouldn’t be possible without the proper SEO optimisation, keyword implementation, user-friendly WordPress website, and of course, engaging content.

Sempro is still currently monitoring Smith P’s results and hired for monthly off-page services and in the works of developing three new Amazon affiliate websites with Sempro to generate more passive income.

Sempro is an excellent team of well-versed SEO experts that know how to think outside of the box. I am not a technical person but was interested in creating passive income with Amazon affiliate websites. I’m happy to say that I made the right decision with hiring Sempro to create my website for me. They finished my website in under a month and I instantly started seeing organic traffic right away and my first sale in just 47 days. I highly recommend Sempro to anyone who’s looking for quality work.