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OCSA is a leading online clothing store for women in Australia. They originally approached Sempro for a free website audit after they saw a consistent reduction in their organic traffic. With their organic traffic dropping almost 80%, they were interested in a solution and fast.

Sempro was able to deliver a full, comprehensive audit of the technical aspects of the OCSA website to see what was happening both on-page and off-page. With Sempro’s analysis, we discovered that the OCSA website was penalised and put in Google Sandbox. There are a number of reasons a website will be penalised by Google and therefore block the site from reaching the top results of Google. After looking deeper, Sempro discovered the problem included outdated website content and the use of spammy links and determined that we could fix the issue in as little as 10-20 days.

THE OCSA website is the perfect example of how implementing SEO, or what you think is SEO, can actually work against you. With the aggressive link building that was used on the website, Google classified the site as spammy which hindered the overall ranking. If someone tries to implement SEO strategies like link building incorrectly, it will end up hurting your website’s ranking dramatically.
To reverse the damage that was done, Sempro removed all of these backlinks and implemented proper linking to the website, along with creating additional engaging content with relevant keywords in the form of blog and informational articles.

Removing backlinks is not a simple fix. Our outreach team had to retrace back all the links and email each website owner to remove our website link from their websites and then uploaded the remaining links on Google webmaster to disallow the links.


In 16 days, OCSA was able to completely recover and get out of Google Sandbox. Along with removing any penalties on the website, Sempro was able to achieve the website ranking for almost 1300 new keywords. With the combination of new, engaging content and keywords, there was also a 20% increase in traffic and the website was back in one of the top 10 positions in Google. Client Testimonial

“Sempro is a superb team of SEO experts. We were completely blindsided by why our traffic was dramatically going down and without them, we would have never been able to not only get our website back to its previous ranking, but also increase it. We highly recommend Sempo due to their reasonable rates and level of service.”