- Plan and Strategy

Content Creation

Increased Reservations

Keywords New Audience Reached

Increased Exposure On Social Media

Content Creation

Restaurant Review | Meal Reviews | Promotional Articles
Created interesting articles and reviews designed to attract new guests and boost the number of reservation, while still providing informative content and advertisement.

The landing page of the restaurant, reviews, or relevant news are linked throughout the website’s content.

Information about the music program is added every week, as soon as they sent by the restaurant’s manager. Any changes or additional updates are implemented instantly on requests. Also, the evergreen articles regarding restaurants are updated frequently.

Social media posts
All content about the client was shared on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts by the experienced social media managers.

Location: Europe is a site dedicated to the restaurant scene in Belgrade. It’s primarily on the Serbian language as it is targeting Belgrade, but all content is translated and written on the English as well. Writers are working closely with the SEO specialist for creating articles with the highest rating. Besides being informative, the website is dedicated to promoting restaurants in return for the percentage of the reservations originated from the site. This way, the restaurants are getting exposure to the wider audience and new guests, while the number of reservations is increasing.

Sempro objectives

Promoting the Despacito restaurants to the website's audience

Creating original, optimized content that will rank well on Google and lead to the client's exposure

Increase the number of reservations via the website

Introducing client to the new audience