7 Crucial Questions You Need To Answer When Planning a Content Marketing Strategy

7 Crucial Questions You Need To Answer When Planning a Content Marketing Strategy

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Every successful content marketing strategy is a result of detailed planning. If you’re winging it, think you can improvise and solve problems as they show up, it will make the whole process much harder. Eventually, you will find yourself dead in the water and swimming out of it might be impossible.
Clear your schedule and make a plan for your content campaigns. A small waste of your time can save a lot of it in the future, plus prevent some nasty headaches. It doesn’t even have to be so elaborate.

There are just 7 questions to consider for making a bulletproof content strategy:

  1. What are the goals of your content marketing strategy
  2. Who’s your target audience?
  3. Have you established the distribution channels?
  4. Any idea how will you make your content stand out?
  5. Who will write for you?
  6. How will you measure your ROI?
  7. Is there any type of content missing?

Why Creating Content Marketing Strategy Is Important

A joined study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs has come to some quite interesting results – only 37% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.

According to this study, marketers have skipped this important step for several reasons:

  • Not enough team members
  • Lack of time
  • Consider it to be unnecessary
  • Believes that it isn’t important for content creation and distribution

Meaning that these marketers are relying on the luck for the success of their content marketing campaigns. Quite a high stake since one twist or wrong step can result in many marketing dollars gone with the wind.

When you have a plan, it will enable much easier execution and motoring of the marketing initiatives, making them more effective and organized at the same time. Since the main goal of content marketing is to generate profitable results for your brand, making a strategy is a crucial step to achieve it.

1. What are the goals of your content marketing strategy?

Identifying the reasons and goals you want to achieve via content marketing is the first step. Trying to increase your brand awareness, aiming to attract more leads or increase sales? Maybe you wish to generate more traffic to your website or to build authority in your niche?
Whatever your expectation and milestones are, it is important to define them right from the start since all marketing efforts should lead to that direction.

2. Who’s your target audience?

Assuming who your audience is the biggest trap you can fall into. Just imagine spending hundreds of dollars on paid ads oriented to the 30-60 age group, just to realize that younger generations are more interested in your content.
This shouldn’t be a guessing game – do the thorough marketing research and determine who is the true audience you should focus on.

3. Have you established the distribution channels?

Careful selection of the platforms you use for distributing and promotions of your content will be very valuable for the marketing strategy to stay on the right course. Social media, influencer marketing, guest posting – these are all good distribution paths.
If you have a wiggle room in your budget, paid ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit , Instagram, or YouTube might give great results. Especially combined with solid SEO techniques.

4. Any idea how will you make your content stand out?

The internet is flooded with articles covering all kinds of subjects. There isn’t a niche that’s saturated or close to it. So it’s up to you to figure out something that will make your content outstanding and catchy.
The answer perhaps lay in the company’s value proposition or product’s unique selling proposition, and thorough research of the competition. Knowing what they are doing and then doing will keep you one step ahead.

5. Who will write for you?

The size of your content team isn’t important. Here quality always trumps over quantity. It is better to have one or two superb writers on a high payroll than 10 of them writing for above-average fees and delivering poor-quality content.

So cherish your writers if you’re satisfied with their work, and don’t let competition to snatch them from you. After all, what’s the point of making marketing content strategy without strong and high-quality content?

Team dedicated to creating top-notch text pieces is a key for the success of your content marketing strategy.

6. How will you measure your ROI?

One of the great things about online marketing is that you can track the progress of your efforts at any moment. Depending on your goals, there are many ways to measure the return of investments.

A number of page views or sessions, engagement, click-through rate, open rate, opt-in rate, just to name a few.

7. Is there any type of content missing from your website?

While outstanding writing should be the focus, you can’t rely just on the copy to attract and make people stay at your site. A quality and thoughtful mix of text, video, and images is an absolute necessity.

Since the human span of attention is decreasing rapidly, you need something to catch their eye. Lure them with appearances, make them stay for the substance.

Ready to Make A Plan For Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Now when you have all these questions to consider, it’s good to mention that content marketing is actually one of the most cost-effective advertisement strategies. But starting it without a defined plan is like bringing a knife to a gun battle.

Taking time to create a content marketing strategy can help you to attract prospects or customers, become an authority in your niche and a trusted go-to resource.