How to Use Quora To Boost Your Marketing Content Strategy

How to Use Quora To Boost Your Marketing Content Strategy

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What are the goals of content marketing? While they can vary from brand to brand, some of them are identical – driving traffic to the website, increasing the number of new users, building authority. Reaching these milestones will result in generating more money. That’s where Quora steps in, as a valuable tool for boosting marketing content strategy.
Get familiar with this platform, learn its importance and how to use it to your advantage.

Why Quora?

Quora is a Q&A type of site. Here user can ask any questions that cross its mind and get answers or personal opinions and experiences on the subject by other users. Some use it to get honest, first-hand reviews of the product they want to buy or a place they tend to visit, while others are seeking advice about their personal or carrier issues.

Cleverly asked questions that spike interest have multi-million views. Quora is a pool of various types of people, and the chances are high that your targeted customers are one of them.


At Quora you can find answers to many questions.


Still wondering why should you add Quora in your content marketing plan?

Well, here are the best reasons to consider:

  • Building authority and social influence – At this platform, you can demonstrate your expertise by providing honest answers related to your niche. Showcasing your knowledge with helpful posts will create trust amongst users which is crucial when promoting first yourself and then the brand you’re representing.
  • Creating more traffic – In your answers, posts or profile bio you can include a link to your website, and promote your business. It is important to include it in the right way, but we’ll come to that and elaborate more thoroughly.
  • Generating quality leads and conversion – When users see the real value in your answers, they will be more eager to visit your site or blog, sign up for your list or follow you on social media. All the things needed for boosting the content marketing strategy.
  • Reaching a wider audience – This platform is very popular and has over 300 million monthly active users. If using it correctly, Quora can help you reach a whole new audience.
  • Market research – Another value of this site is that you can find out the people’s true opinions about all subjects. Learning the needs and interests of your targeted audience can help you to improve your marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Content that never dies – Many times when you’re searching for something on the internet, the Quora answer will be amongst the first results in the browser. Even if it’s a couple of years old, if it’s relevant, the content on this platform is evergreen.

Choosing the right questions and giving the right answers

Don’t fall into a trap of responding to the questions that have nothing to do with your audience or the content you’re promoting. Keep your focus on them, and stay silent on some heated subject that affects you on a personal level.

Size up the potential of the question to draw views and followers, and answer only on posts where you can demonstrate your knowledge. Also, keep in mind that the speed of replying is also quite important.


Choose to answer only questions that can help your content marketing strategy.


Being amongst first users to give the valuable answer almost guarantees the top spot of your rankings. This creates a great opportunity to gain exposure for your brand and you.

Of course, some older questions are also worth answering. In a situation where being the first responder isn’t possible, use statistics to determine which posts are worthy of your attention.


Quora questions options
Image credits: @Quora


Underneath each question, you will see the tab labeled with three dots. Click on it will open the falling menu where the View Stats and Log option is available. It will lead you to the new tab where you can exam the statistics of the question.


Alt tag: Stats option on Quora platform.
Image credits: @Quora


It will show you the number of excising answers, the last time the thread was active, overall views, and the number of users who are following it. The stats at the image above are showing a clear example of the question that’s not worthy of your time.
Questions with many answers aren’t off the table, but your answer should provide new insides and add value to be considered as helpful.

Create A Question Anonymously

Rather than just answering questions post by other users, ask them yourself. If there’s no question related to your topic or subject, or it is outdated, start a new thread anonymously and then answer it yourself.

The platform recommends posting with “How”, “Why”, “What”, but you can also use prepositions, like “Should I”, “Is”, “Can”, “Did”, etc. As long it is in question form, you can use many variations.

At the bottom of the pop-box, there is also an option of including a link as additional context. Still, this one is best used to link back to a source you reference in the question. Let’s take for example you’re promoting the news site and that you’ve asked: “Did you hear that the USA is changing the Immigration Law? Could that be true?”. Providing a link to the article that’s addressing this matter is a great way to create additional context.

But be very careful when asking the question, especially the one you’re planning to answer. If you publish it under your name and then be first to respond to the thread, it will be very transparent. Luckily, that’s why Add Anonymously checkbox is there. Click the tab beside your name, change Public to Anonymous, before Add Question tab, and once your question is live, be the first to answer it.

How to use Quora as a part of your content marketing strategy?

Promoting content organically on Quora is quite simple – write an original response or use extract parts of your existing content (but rewrite it so it’s not seen as doubled/plagiarism) and include links of your website in the answer.

That’s when it gets a bit trickier – make sure that links are relevant and their anchors natural. Phrases like” Check out my website for more information”, “Read this article”, “Click to this guide”, etc. are outdated, spammy, and too pushy should be avoided.

Write your answer in a way where anchor should be added without the disruption of the word flow. To boost your chances, add some links from other sites to make your response more neutral.

Final Guidelines

Now when you understand the importance of the platform and guidelines on how to use it, you can incorporate it into your marketing plan.
We have just a few finale tips:

  • Make a detailed profile – Your profile should include a description in a form of short biography, credentials, links to your website or blog, and social media information. Don’t forget to include a photo, but chose the one where you look more professional.
  • Have strong content on your website or blog – The quality of content on the website leading from your link is quite important since it should pique interest of the users to visit it.
  • Linking – Limit the links in your answers: place one per post when in context and only when it’s necessary.

As long as you follow these simple rules, using Quora as a part of your content marketing strategy can bring many benefits to your business.